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I believe in myself.

31 agosto 2010


AMERICA 13:24 P.M.

-What your name?
-My name is Kristen.
-How old are you?
-I'm 14 years old.
-Where are you from?
-I'm from Canada.
-Have you got any brothers or sisters?
-No, they are all dead.
-Did you kill them?
-Answer me!
-Why..? Why did you kill them?
-They were bad with me, they didn't understand me, they played...with me...but now they're DEAD.
-You're 14 years old and you killed your family.
-No, I didn't kill my parents.
-Where are them?
-I don't know, when I was 3 years old, they went out of home.
-You haven't family.
-Yes I know, I killed my brothers and sisters. But now...I'm good, ha ha so good.
-You're crazy, mad!
-Now you will go to a bad place, a stranger place, you won't have love. Like a...
-Ok, I don't mind, i will kill everybody.
-I don't understand you, you could have a good family and you don't want.
-Ok, do you want anything to say?
-Yes, remember me because I'm going to change de world.

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